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Herrmann Ultraschall | Eco Sonic

Herrmann Ultraschall | Eco Sonic

국가 Germany
주소 (76307)Descostraße 3-11 
전화번호 49-7248 79 0 팩스번호 49-7248 79 39
홈페이지 www.herrmannultraschall.com
부스번호 C402


As a specialist in ultrasonic welding, Herrmann has aimed to excite its customers for more than 60 years. For this purpose, Herrmann Engineering was developed which includes a combination of services. It enables more than 600 employees in over 20 countries to successfully implement projects together with their customers. The company’s mission “Bonding ? more than materials” stands for a close and trusting relationship. As a result, more than 2,000 different applications in key industries such as automotive, medical, hygiene and packaging can be solved every year.

Ecosonic is the official Korean partner of Herrmann Ultraschall of Germany, the global No. 1 ultrasonic welding company, In the production process using ultrasonic welding, it helps to maximize corporate profits with the minimum defect rate and the highest safety It is a specialized company that sells ultrasonic welding machines and provides solutions. Herrmann Ultraschall is making efforts to deliver special ultrasonic welding equipment and know-how to many domestic companies, Ecosonic has its own research institute and LAB, conducting continuous R&D and advanced testing for ultrasonic equipment and tools. Through these efforts, we are helping many domestic companies in their production and development activities. We will continue to be a company that repays customers' trust through ceaseless efforts and development. Thank you.

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