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Integral Geometry Science Inc.

Integral Geometry Science Inc.

국가 Japan
주소 (6578501)#109 Office for Academic and Industrial Innovation, Kobe University, 1-1 Rokkodaicho,Nada-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo 651-8501
전화번호 +81-78 335 6110 팩스번호 +81-78 335 6110
홈페이지 https://www.ig-instrum.co.jp/about_en.html
부스번호 C101


We aim to achieve a new scattering tomography method with high spatial resolution based on the inverse analysis theory of scattered fields, integrated into conventional non-destructive imaging. X-ray CT techniques using highly penetrative electromagnetic fields have been questioned for their precision and sensitivity in various fields such as electronics and medicine. On the other hand, our imaging technology focuses on scattering imaging, which uses highly scattering waves to irradiate waves from the object's surface to its interior and measures the scattered waves at the surface to visualize the internal structure of the object. We perceive scattering imaging as a problem of multi-dimensional scattered fields and reconstruct the unknown 3D structural information inside the object by inverse analysis based on measured data at the boundaries in multi-dimensional space. Building on this fundamental research, we pursue a safe and secure society by developing and applying technologies such as the "Scattering Field Tomography System (Microwave Mammography)" that visualizes breast cancer with weak microwaves at high precision, the secondary battery image diagnostic system that visualizes abnormal currents in lithium-ion batteries using magnetic measurements, super-security gates and inspection systems for concrete structures based on these technologies, and a coronavirus eradication system through research, development, and practical application.