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Von Roll

Von Roll

국가 Switzerland
주소 (4226)Passwangstrasse 20 Breitenbach
전화번호 41-61 785 51 11 팩스번호 00-0000000
홈페이지 https://www.vonroll.com/
부스번호 D302


Our work has stood the test of time for nearly two centuries. We are a global player and technology champion based in Switzerland.

As the industry leader for electrical insulation systems, we are driving the global electrification. Our products are essential for the ongoing industrial transformation to zero emissions.

Wherever electrical devices and electronic components are used, our resins play an essential role. They protect sensitive technology in an effective and very eco-friendly way. At the same time, they enhance durability and performance significantly.

In the course of Industry 4.0, digitalization and electrification, the demand for motors, sensors and electrical components is rising rapidly. As a leading specialist for innovative resin systems, we support manufacturers worldwide in staying ahead of these trends.

We stand out in particular with our high-performance range of solvent-free, green resins. They are extremely easy to apply and enable our customers to achieve technical progress in a way that is kind to human health and our climate.
With R&D centers in Europe and the USA, Von Roll is a technology leader and has a strong innovation track record. Our research teams work closely with well-known brands and global market leaders on specific customer projects.
Our automotive team works closely with leading car manufacturers and suppliers. The shared goal: innovative solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. Whether fully electric, hydrogen-powered or hybrid: with our expertise, we develop and manufacture products that will get you ahead.

We provide:
- Impregnation Resins
- Potting Resins/Thermal Interface Materials
- Insulation Papers
- Protective Coatings