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(주)대한시브이디(DaehanCVD Co., Ltd)

(주)대한시브이디(DaehanCVD Co., Ltd)

주소 (28212)충북 청주시 서원구 현도면 우록3길 23 (우록리) (주)대한시브이디
전화번호 043-267-0849 팩스번호 043-269-4849
홈페이지 http://www.dhcvd.co.kr
부스번호 G102


DHCv delivers
best engineering solutions!
DHCv™ is established by professional with a broad experience in valve design and manufacturing. Our valves designs and production staff including highly qualified engineers with a long experience in all technical standards and meeting customer’s special requirements.
DHCv™ begins and remains an applicator of severe service coatings. Today, DHCv™ main focus is on the manufacture of metal seat ball valve for the severe service conditions of erosion, corrosion, high pressures and temperatures. So we try to make a constant effort satisfied with customer’s special requirements. When you work with us, you’ll gain not only a world-class team but also a wealth of industry experience.