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Seminar Schedule

1st K-BATTERY SHOW Conference (Paid)

“Overcoming limitations of K-BATTERY, look ahead to the future with technology.”

  • Date : Aug. 31(Wed.) ~ Sep. 2(Fri.), 2022
  • Venue : Rm. 401(4Fl.), Conference Room, KINTEX 2
  • Organizer : THEELEC / Korea E&EX Inc.
  • Admission Fee : 3days : KRW 330,000 / VAT Included
  • Contact : THEELEC / Sang-su Kim (HP. +82-10-5278-5958 / T. +82-2-2658-4707)
Aug. 31 (Wed.)
  • 1
    Next-generation Battery Innovation
    • [Date] Aug. 31(Wed.) (13:00~16:50)
    • [Room] Rm.401, Conference Room, KINTEX 2
Registration [Time] 13:00~
Technology of Positive Electrode Material for High Energy Battery [Speaker] Prof. Jae-pil Jo (SMLAB) [Time] 13:30~14:10
World Best High Concentration SWCNT Water Dispersion Conductive Material "Dispersion Technology" [Speaker] CEO, Gwang-hyeon Yu (BETTERIAL Co., Ltd.) [Time] 14:10~14:50
Additive Technology to Enhance Battery Safety [Speaker] CEO, Si-joon Lee (Dongwha Electrolyte) [Time] 14:50~15:30
Electrolyte Core Technology to Lower the Price of All-solid-state Batteries [Speaker] CEO, Hak-su Kim (Inchems) [Time] 15:30~16:10
Graphite Negative Electrode Material for Ultra-fast Charging [Speaker] Director of Energy Materials Research Center, Kwon-sun No (POSCO Chemical) [Time] 16:10~16:50
Sep. 1(Thur.)
  • 1
    ‘Black Gold’Battery Resource Ecosystem
    • [Date] Sep. 1(Thur.) (13:00~16:50)
    • [Room] Rm.401, Conference Room, KINTEX 2
Registration [Time] 13:00~
Global Electric Vehicle Battery and Battery Raw Material Demand Forecasting [Speaker] Ph.D, Se-ho Kim (S&P Global) [Time] 13:30~14:10
Market Prospects for Extraction Materials of Battery Materials, Raw Materials and Waste Battery [Speaker] Principal Manager, Jae-beom Park (POSCO Research Institute) [Time] 14:10~14:50
The Beginning of the Circular Economy for Batteries [Speaker] Senior Research Fellow, Jeong-hoon Jang (Samsung Financial Networks) [Time] 14:50~15:30
Current Status of BNNT's Secondary Battery Application Technology [Speaker] Ph.D, Jung-hwan Jeong (Naieel Technology) [Time] 15:30~16:10
The Prospect of Technology for Abundant Resources, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery [Speaker] CEO, Su-jin Kim (Remplir) [Time] 16:10~16:50
Sep. 2(Fri.)
  • 1
    Battery Components in the Electric Vehicle ‧ ESS Era
    • [Date] Sep. 2(Fri.) (13:00~16:50)
    • [Room] Rm.401, Conference Room, KINTEX 2
Registration [Time] 13:00~
The Direction of Evolution for Electric Vehicle Powertrain Parts [Speaker] Strategic Planning Director, Kyeong-su Kang, (LG Magna e-Powertrain(LGMPK)) [Time] 13:30~14:10
Product of Highly-dispersed Single-walled Carbon Nanotube (SWNT) for Batteries [Speaker] CEO, Sang-ok Kim (Gratube Inc.) [Time] 14:10~14:50
Separator Manufacturing and Coating Equipment for Lithium-ion Batteries [Speaker] Executive Managing Director, Sang-joon Lee, Myung Sung TNS Co., Ltd. [Time] 14:50~15:30
Power Compound Semiconductor Market Trend [Speaker] Executive Director, Jong-won Kim, Sigetronics, Inc. [Time] 15:30~16:10
Current Status and Prospects of Electronic Components Technology for Electric Vehicle [Speaker] Center Director, Sang-taek Lee (KETI) [Time] 16:10~16:50