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Kitronyx, is a company that specializes in industrial pressure distribution measurement systems
2022-08-12 Views: 604

Kitronyx Inc. is a company that specializes in industrial pressure distribution measurement systems.

The company was established in 2014 and has all the HW and SW technologies required for the pressure distribution measurement system (PDMS).

PDMS products are applied to the manufacturing process of a secondary battery. Also, it can be applied to other industries such as smartphones, displays, and semiconductors. It has experience and know-how applied to more than 100 customers and companies.


The main purpose for participating in this K-BATTERY SHOW 2022 is to introduce its PDMS products. Many customers, who need a precise measurement of pressure distribution for their manufacturing process, don’t know about their pressure distribution measurement solutions which can measure and manage the pressure distribution digitally. So, it would like to introduce our products to potential customers who use pressure-sensitive paper, an analog solution.



Kitronyx’s main products in this exhibition are PressureScan II and PressureScan II WIFI. These solutions consist of a tactile sensor, a controller, and software.

The PressureScan II is a wired-only solution that provides a fast measuring speed.

The PressureScan II WIFI is a solution that provides both wired and wireless modes for use in a place that is difficult to connect by wire.


It developed these products at this exhibition to the customer’s needs for precise pressure distribution measurement in the manufacturing and testing process of the secondary battery.

Also, it developed and released the wireless controllers according to the needs of customers who have limited use of wired controllers.


Most of its domestic sales performances have come from major companies, including Samsung, LG, SK, and Hyundai Motor Group, and it develop its products through continuous cooperation with several major companies. In addition, it also works with the university laboratory and the national research institute.

Overseas sales performance mainly comes from the overseas subsidiaries of the above companies, and sales from overseas companies through our website are continuously increasing.


Kitronyx is focused on industrial applications and promoting our pressure distribution measurement solutions. Its technology for measuring pressure distribution is widely applicable to various fields. It is also steadily cooperating with hospitals and animal hospitals and plan to release products such as sports and healthcare products. In addition, it plans to strengthen our software capabilities to provide services such as database and smart factory.