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Sejitech Co., Ltd│Non-Gravity Mixer 2. SHOVEL MIXER 3. Smart Microwave Compound Dryer
2022-04-21 Views: 434


Non-Gravity Mixer

Mixing principle

The two axes of mixing interior rotates to different sides and paddles attached to the axes forms fluidized area

by diffusing mixed materials to different directions according to stable apex speed.

Mixing characteristics

  1. The fluidized Zone Mixing
  2. Homogeneous Mixing
  3. Gentle Mixing
  4. Short Mixing Time
  5. Economical Mixing





SHOVEL MIXER: Structure and Methods of Mixing

• Consisted of horizontal main body, one shaft and shovel type wing, driving device, high speed chopper, etc.

• The plow-shaped wing forms a fluidized layerdue to the constant rotational speed, and moves the mixture in horizontal direction to mix the raw materials.

• When small amount of additive or liquid are added. high-speed chopper can be used to produce dispersion effect and milling effect.

• After completely mixing the raw materials, the discharge starts from the outlet of the central part and the outer wing pushes the raw materials inward,

and it is possible to discharge the mixture when there is no outlet.

Features of SHOVEL MIXER

• It is very suitable for mixing raw materials with big difference in particle size and proportions. Advantageous for quick mixing.

• When mixing Powder + Powder form,small amount of additive has a very good effect on mixing results.

• When using high speed chopper, there is almost no deposit of raw materials.

• Raw materials are massaged while mixing. Accordingly, those raw materials that require both mixing and reacting are very suitable.

• It is excellent in crushing and mixing with high speed chopper, especially flour, starch, rice flour + shortening.





Smart Microwave Compound Dryer

The Smart Microwave Compound Dryer operates with enormously higher efficiency compared to general dryer.

Its field of application is very wide and has the following characteristics.