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Precision chiller specialist company
2024-03-25 Views: 35

Success of Lauch and mass production of ultra-small, high-precision heat exchanger


CM Lnc. (CEO Shin Yun-Ho), famous for its chiller brand “Nicecool”, is expanding the market by launching and mass-producing a high-precision semiconductor Heat Exchanger that is ultra-small (45x90x90cm), has a heat exchange capacity of 60kW, and has a temperature deviation of ±0.1℃. Although the existing product has a volume of 240 liters, the cooling capacity is only 15kW. However, with a volume of 365 liters, the cooling capacity is 60kW, which reduces the volume to less than half of the output to utilize space in an expensive semiconductor factory.


CM Lnc was the first company to successfully domestically produce a chiller with a temperature deviation of ±0.1℃ in the precision chiller market that depended only on imports in the 1990s. in 2000, it launched the world’s first chiller with a separate outdoor unit, creating a sensation in the research lab market that wanted low noise.


In addition, by launching the world’s first acid-resistant heat exchanger in 2017, the company achieved a remarkable achievement in overcoming the inefficiency of Teflon tubes, which are mainly used to control the temperature of chemicals used in semiconductors. After creating Korea’s first semiconductor HPS in 2018, we lauched a rack mount type chiller with temperature control of ±0.1℃ in 2020 and are currently in mass production, making continuous R&D investments.


The Heat Exchanger for semiconductors released is attracting attention in the market as a product exclusively for flourine-based coolant, which is widely used in semiconductor processes, as it is ultral-small yet capable of heat exchange and ultra-precise temerature control.


Meanwhile, NiceCool of CM Lnc, is making continuous efforts to save energy by establishin itself as an eco-friendly company by using only eco-friendly refrigerants and not using cooper in water pipes.



CEO Shin Yun-ho said, “We have continously invested in R&D for seral years, expanding our market not only in Korea but also around the world, developing our expertise in chillers, and we have not stopped developing chillers suitable for various industries.

“With the potential of the semiconductor market continuing to grow in the future, we expect to expand our share of global customers through all type of  industries.


By establishing a mass production system in 2018, we are well-known domestic companies , the USA, and Poland through reasonable prices and customized manufactureing. “It is said that NiceCool’s chillers are being exported all over the world, including Asia, such as Europe, Vietnam, China and Malaysia.


[Reference 1] Heat Exchanger; A product used to lower or increase the temperature of fluorine-based coolant used in various manufacturing processes to a temperature appropriate for the process


[Reference 2] Fluorine-based coolant: It can be used as a coolant in a temperature range of -60 to + 200 degrees, and is a non-conductor, so it is often used as a coolant for semiconductors.