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E2 Tech, the sole Korean electrode maker having received quality endorsements from international clients
2023-09-05 Views: 434

E2 Technology Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of secondary battery electrodes, has been dedicated to researching, developing, and producing these critical components for over a decade. The company's electrodes have been widely recognized for their outstanding performance by leading global companies, with over 80% of its products being exported overseas.


E2 Tech leverages precise process control expertise to efficiently manufacture a variety of models in small quantities. The company's patented technology enables it to produce electrodes of unparalleled quality. In particular, E2 Tech's "Current Collector Coating Device" allows for precise control of the thickness of the applied slurry, resulting in minimal thickness variations. This meets the diverse quality and specification requirements demanded by domestic and international customers.


E2 Tech primarily specializes in the continuous and slot-dye coating of NCA, NCM-type cathodes (positive), as well as graphite and silicon-based anodes(negative). Notably, the company's silicon-based anodes, after years of trial and error, gained approval from overseas customers in 2022 and are now being exported. This positions E2 Tech at the forefront of the future secondary battery market.


E2 Tech will be showcasing its cutting-edge technological prowess at the K-BATTERY SHOW 2023. The company is the most specialized secondary battery foundry in Korea and is poised to lead the industry.




                                Figure 1 Electrode Anode                                                            Figure 2 Electrode Cathode



Figure 3 Cathode Coating Process


Figure 4 Anode Calendaring Process