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Battery Material Startup 'BESTGRAPHENE Co., Ltd.' Introduces Functionalized Graphene Coating Technology for Silicon Anode Performance Enhancement
2023-08-31 Views: 327


1. Company Introduction


BESTGRAPHENE is a startup company established in 2017 that specializes in the development and production of Functionalized Graphene and graphene hybrid materials (GHM). Utilizing differential technology on Functionalized Graphene (UCMG), the company is engaged in the development of various products including △hybrid materials for batteries △electronic component additives △conductive inks △multi-functional coatings, and composite materials.


2. Product and Technologies


BESTGRAPHENE holds 22 patents related to graphene technologies, including Functionalized Graphene as well as applications for various market sectors. Additionally, recent achievement of obtaining a TCB TI-2 rating underscores the recognition of our technical prowess in the field, particularly in relation to the foundational and mass production aspects of functionalized graphene technology. The company is producing not only Functionalized Graphene but also oxidation/reduction and non-oxidized graphene.


Functionalized Graphene is a product that introduces functional groups into the molecular structure of graphene. Its remarkable features include exceptional dispersion, stability, and commercial viability. BESTGRAPHENE has a production capacity of 15 tpa and plant to scale up to enter and expand in the battery materials market up to 45 tpa (2024E) and 300 tap (2025E).


3. Business Sector & Commercialization


BESTGRAPHENE is actively engaged in the development of next-generation graphene hybrid materials for secondary batteries and advanced batteries in the market, utilizing Functionalized Graphene technology. The company is collaborating with numerous clients to develop composite materials specifically designed for the next-generation battery applications.

Moreover, BESTGRAPHENE is making significant strides in various fields utilizing its distinctive graphene technology. This includes the development and commercialization of additives for electronic components, conductive inks, functional coatings, as well as multifunctional composite materials for semiconductor, automotive, and future transportation industries.


4. Recent News and Future works


Through collaboration with clients and research institutions, BESTGRAPHENE has successfully commercialized Functionalized Graphene-based graphene wiper coating solutions. These products have been introduced to the market through client sales. The company continues to work closely with its clients to expand its product offerings and explore new applications.


In March of 2023, BESTGRAPHENE was selected as a promising company in the battery material supply chain at the InterBattery exhibition. The company has also received collaboration requests from overseas clients in Europe, Japan, and other regions. The demand for related markets and business expansion has led to ongoing requests for capacity expansion.


Recently, BESTGRAPHENE achieved success in securing a Series A investment of 10 billion KRW (approximately 80 million USD). These investments will support the company's efforts to expand its operations and meet the growing demand in the market.


The company is not only establishing and expanding a differentiated business model in the field of Functionalized Graphene-based secondary batteries and battery materials, but also consistently advancing businesses in areas additives for electronic components such as MLCC for high-capacity, high-efficiency, and high-reliability improvements. Additionally, the company is actively pursuing commercialization efforts through national projects and collaborations with clients in areas like conductive printing inks, heat dissipation materials, anti-static and electromagnetic interference shielding inks/pastes/adhesives, as well as functional composite materials for automotive and semiconductor component applications (mechanical properties, moisture resistance, oxidation inhibition, antibacterial properties, etc.)